Getting Paid for a Survey

Getting paid for a survey does not seem like a real opportunity does it? After all, why would anyone pay someone to sit at their computer and fill out surveys? But it is a very real opportunity for you to earn a second income and buy some of the things you want that you can’t otherwise afford. The surveys that you get paid to complete are being conducted by marketing research firms who have been hire by businesses to conduct market research for one of their existing products or a new product they are currently developing.

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Are Free Survey Get Paid a Scam?

"Take free surveys, get paid" type websites that offer to pay you may or may not be a scam. If the websites tells you that you can dump your regular job and get rich taking online surveys, they probably are a scam website and most definitely lying to you.

Can you earn money taking online surveys? Absolutely. Will you become rich taking online surveys? Probably not. It is possible but only a very few people become rich. For example, an American living in the Philippines or China could become rich by local standards due to the difference in pay scales and cost of living in those areas relative to living in the United States, Europe or Australia.

So if the site provides free surveys, get paid offer, what do they get out of it?

They get a referral fee paid by legitimate market research companies that conduct surveys for business clients. Since many of these market research firms have their own paid survey websites, you will be safer signing up directly with them rather than one of their affiliates.

What are the possible risks of signing up with a “free” paid survey website?

If they are not legitimate, you could:

  • Risk having your identity stolen

  • Having your email address used for spamming

  • Be required to sign up for offers that cost you money before you are allowed to take any surveys which can get very expensive and result in unwanted charges on your credit card

Are there any benefits to using “free” paid survey websites?

Yes, they are free. If they are also legitimate you will not have to spend any money to make money. You just have to be very careful about selecting the website. Check them out online and with the local Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints.

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