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You get paid taking surveys by completing the surveys that are offered to you. To get offered surveys you need to join a paid survey website and complete a detailed profile that will be used to determine if you qualify for a specific survey.

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How Can You Get Paid for Online Surveys?

Every time you look around, someone is offering you the chance to get paid for online surveys. So what this paid survey stuff all about?

Getting paid for online surveys is the latest method of marketing research for the manufacturers of products and providers of services. They are asking their potential customers what they want in new products and services, what they like about existing products and services and most importantly, what they don’t like. Why? Every business has competitors. Telling prospective customers that you are a better company to deal with than your competitor is pretty useless especially if you are trying to steal his existing customers.

So what can a business person do to get a competitive advantage? Find out what the customers he is targeting like and dislike about his competitor’s product. Then he can improve that feature or add to his product if his competitor’s product doesn’t already have it. Once the new product is ready for market, our business person can build his advertising campaign around the new or improved feature.

For example, consider the Verizon and AT&T cell phone advertising war. AT&T is pushing the fact that you can talk on the phone while surfing the web because they have limited coverage compared to Verizon. Verizon is pushing their almost universal coverage because they do not have the “talk while you surf” capability. AT&T most likely developed the “talk while you surf” feature because consumers they survived said they wanted that feature. Until the other companies can provide it, AT&T has a definite market advantage.

If you would like to get paid for telling manufacturers what feature you want in new products, you should become a paid survey taker. To find out how to do that, browse other articles on our site and if getting paid for online surveys appeals you join now. Get Started!