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Companies spend millions of dollars each year on marketing research to find out what products and services are most likely to be successful if they offer them for sale. One of the most popular methods of collecting consumer information is to use online surveys because online surveys are: Significantly cheaper than focus groups, mailings and telephone interviews Provide a wider demographic since the internet is worldwide Have a higher response rate because the consumer can complete the survey at their convenience Provide more accurate information since a much larger sample group size can be used How much can you get paid for taking surveys? That depends on several things such as whether or not you qualify for a survey, how many surveys you take and how much each survey pays.

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Are You Getting Paid for Surveys?

There are several different ways to get paid for surveys. First you need to find a reliable and legitimate survey site. Once you are convinced that they are not a scam, you can register to participate in paid survey taking. Some of these sites are free to join because they earn a referral fee for every qualified survey taker they refer to their clients. Others charge you to join and provide a list of legitimate survey sites. You are paying them for the research they do.

What is a qualified survey taker you may ask? A qualified survey taker is an individual who fits a specific profile that the company paying for the survey wants to gather data from. For example, a baby food manufacturer would want to get opinions from mothers of babies, not from race car drivers.

After you join you will need to fill out a detailed profile that will be used to qualify you for being offered surveys. Some companies have a series of short surveys to help you fill out your profile more accurately.

You will also need an internet connection and an email address to receive the survey offers. I recommend you get a free email account with yahoo, Gmail or hotmail that you dedicate solely to survey stuff.

Then you just wait until you are offered a paid survey to take. If you want to earn a steady income, you probably want to join several get paid for surveys websites to maximize the chances of being offered paid surveys.

If you regularly accept the offers, you can earn a nice side income to pay for some of the things you canít afford otherwise.

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