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One of the things that every business needs to do is conduct market research to find out what people want in a product, whether they would be willing to actually buy it and find out how much consumers are willing to pay for the product before they spend thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars on product development. Using paid online surveys is one of the most cost efficient methods of doing market research.

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How Do You Get Paid Taking Surveys?

You get paid taking surveys by completing the surveys that are offered to you. To get offered surveys you need to join a paid survey website and complete a detailed profile that will be used to determine if you qualify for a specific survey.

How much money can you make?

Anyone can make some extra money taking surveys. To make more you will need to take as many surveys as possible each month. An average payment for a 15 to 20 minute survey is approximately $5 dollars. If you take 100 surveys a month you could possibly earn$500 each month. The major difficulty will be getting offered 100 surveys each month.

The strategy recommended by people who do make a nice side income is to join several paid survey websites so you can maximize the number of survey offers you receive. Then you need to take every survey that you are offered because the more surveys you accept from a company, the more surveys they will offer to you. In fact, they may even ask you to participate in a virtual focus group, which can pay over $100. Obviously, the more surveys you take the more money you can earn.

If you are lucky enough to belong to a consumer group that qualifies for higher priced surveys or if you get asked to join a virtual focus group, you can earn even more.

Taking surveys can be fun. It can also be a rewarding experience because you are being given an opportunity to influence the next generation of consumer products by providing your opinion about what features you want and how much you would be willing to pay for them.

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