Paid Surveys

A paid survey is the latest method for most companies to do market research for new products and products that are still in development. Manufactures want to know what potential customers think so that they can determine what features to build into a product and what are the best features to stress in their advertising campaign.

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How Did Paid Survey Taking Get Started?

Businesses have been conducting survey s for years so they can examine and compare the products they sell with the product sold by their competitors. They want to know whether people consider them a provider of quality products and what new products or improvements in existing product they want.

These businesses have been using door-to-door surveys, randomly stopping people in shopping centers and malls, telephone surveys, direct mail questionnaires, and now online surveys. The companies realize that they will need to offer consumers some kinds of incentive so they will take the time to participate in the survey and to give their honest opinions. This is the origin of the get paid taking surveys era.

In 2004, there were over 212,000 people employed full time in the market research industry according to the Department of Labor statistics and the number is steadily increasing. That number does not include people who earn money taking surveys. Most industries use surveys to test the market for a potential new product. If there is little or no interest in the product, they will save a lot by finding that out before they spend thousands on the preliminary research and development.

Since the competition for the consumer’s hard earned dollar is fierce, every business wants access to reliable consumer data which is essential to their bottom line. As a result, companies are willing to pay a reasonable amount of money for people who fit specific target groups that can provide relevant and reliable data.

This trend has provided an excellent opportunity for people who want to earn extra money for paid survey taking. It’s a perfect job for stay at home moms, retired folks and anyone who has a little spare time and likes to share their opinions.

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