Getting Paid for Survey

Getting paid for surveys is an easy and fun way to make extra money. To make more than a few dollars a week you will most likely need to join several paid survey websites.

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Want To Get Paid To Do Surveys?

Do you know that most surveys pay between $1 and $25 for completing it? Each one will tell you how much they are offering and approximately how long it should take to complete.

How can you get paid to do surveys? It really is quite simple. If you want to earn some extra money by doing paid online surveys, the first step is to find a legitimate company.

Let me explain a bit about legitimate company.

Legitimate companies will have a privacy policy, terms of use, income disclaimer and contact information posted on the website. The income disclaimer will tell you that your earnings are dependent on how many surveys you take and how much each one of them pays. If any of those pages is missing, the site is probably a scam. Don’t use them.

Can anyone take the surveys, you ask!

Yes and no. Most companies are looking for a specific demographic to take each survey. If your profile indicates that you are part of the desired demographic, you will be offered the survey otherwise no offer will be made. Many also ask a few questions as a final qualification for the survey. Some will pay you a small amount or enter you in a sweepstake drawing for completing the screening questions if you don’t qualify for the longer survey.

Now, you've two choices…

You can either search on “get paid to do surveys” on your favorite search engine. You will get hundreds of websites that offer to assist you in making money taking paid surveys online. Like everything else, some of these websites are legitimate marketing research companies or agents for legitimate marketing research companies while most of these websites are scams.

Or you can simply join where you'll be guaranteed to get paid to do surveys.

Why are you still waiting? Go, get started now! Get Started!