Paid Surveys for Cash

Marketing research companies have been paying people to take part in paid surveys for cash and focus groups for almost as long as manufacturers have been creating and marketing products to the public. The simple fact is that gathering consumer information on their current products and services can determine what marketing methods will work best for existing products and help management decide whether a new product is worth spending the money needed to develop it.

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Tips to Get Paid to Take Surveys

It is pretty easy to get started taking paid surveys. Here are some tips on how to get paid to take surveys.

  1. Subscribe to the free survey sites

    While the free websites may not have the best paying or the steadiest surveys, you can earn money before you have to start paying to get better referrals. You could actually find all of the best paying market research companies on your own but it could take months and even then, many of them only work through referral agents who provide all of the screening work.

  2. Take all of the screening surveys

    These are the surveys that each user needs to take to build up their demographic profile. While most companies do not pay for screening surveys, taking them will result in you being offered more and better paying surveys in the future. It is a smart move to build as complete a demographic profile as possible.

  3. Register with get paid to survey websites

    To make a decent income from taking paid surveys you will need to register with at least five or ten different websites. Use a couple of the free ones as well as mostly legitimate paid survey websites that have a good client list. You will need to experiment with several different sites to see which ones offer you the most and the best paying surveys. Multiple sites will let you earn a steady stream of income.

  4. Open an email account specifically for your paid survey websites

    You usually do get a lot of spam to the email addresses you provide to paid survey websites. Opening a specific account for them prevents you from getting spam in you primary email account and also guarantees that you won’t miss any survey offers since they should be the only legitimate emails in those accounts

  5. Keep records of all of your earnings

    This is just a good idea so you can track your earnings just in case a payment gets lost. In most countries you will need this information for tax purposes as well.

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