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"Take free surveys, get paid" type websites that offer to pay you may or may not be a scam. If the websites tells you that you can dump your regular job and get rich taking online surveys, they probably are a scam website and most definitely lying to you.

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Can Anyone Get Paid to Take Surveys?

There is no shortage of websites looking for people to join their opinion panel and take surveys for businesses. The reputable ones are marketing research firms that contract with individual business to run the surveys. They may or may not also analyze the survey results and prepare reports for the business owners.

Whether you can take a survey depends on what the survey is about. For example, if the contracting company that contracted the survey manufactures baby strollers, they will want the survey participants to be parents or grandparent of children young enough to be transported in a baby stroller. So, a single 26 year old man would not be eligible to participate unless he had small child living with him. A publisher of video games for the xbox would only want people who actually own an xbox to take their survey.

Some other surveys are restricted to people living in specific countries. For example, a survey on 4G wireless networks would be limited to countries that have a 4G network installed.

However, most panels have many different companies that are looking for participants who fit all kinds of profiles and there are usually plenty of surveys available that you will be eligible to take. It is also a good idea to join several different panels to improve the chances of qualifying for surveys.

How do I get paid for taking a survey?

Again, that depends on the panel you join. Some pay in cash directly to your PayPal account or send you a paper check. Some pay with points that can be used to buy products and services and are basically a cash rewards program. Others use a combination of both methods.

Joining a survey panel is a great way to make extra money each month and if you are lucky enough to be in one of the highly paid target groups, you might even be able to make a living.

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