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Before you try to get paid for online surveys, you need to understand what they involve. What are online surveys? Online surveys are a way for companies that are selling products and services to gather information from potential customers about the products or service they offer.

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Are You Getting Paid for Surveys?

Are you searching for a legitimate online survey company?

You need to find a website that is offering a list of reputable companies who provide paid surveys to individuals.

Can getting paid for surveys replace my regular job?

It may or may not. In most cases it won’t. But you can earn a very nice supplemental income by getting paid for surveys. These surveys are conducted by manufactures of all kinds of products and by some service providers as part of their marketing research because they want to know what potential customers think about their products and services. Online paid surveys are much less expensive for businesses that focus groups and the more traditional method of market research such as mailing paper surveys to people’s homes or calling them on the phone.

How much you can earn depends on whether or not you fit the demographic the survey creator wants. It also depends on how much time you have to spend taking surveys. If you happen to belong to a highly sought after demographic and have a lot of time to devote, you can earn a full time living. Nut, that is not true for most people.

Sometimes the company doing the survey will send you actual products to try out and keep in exchange for filling out the surveys. Some will even pay you cash when the surveys are completed. That is a pretty sweet deal. You can get money and a product to keep.

How much do they pay for taking surveys?

Getting paid for surveys sites can pay anywhere from $1 to $25 for most surveys. Some can pay as much as $75 but they usually have a very specific demographic in mind so you may not qualify.

I recommend that you sign up for legitimate survey sites as you can so you can get more opportunities to earn money. If you want to join a genuine site, join us now at
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