Getting Paid for a Survey

Getting paid for a survey does not seem like a real opportunity does it? After all, why would anyone pay someone to sit at their computer and fill out surveys? But it is a very real opportunity for you to earn a second income and buy some of the things you want that you canít otherwise afford. The surveys that you get paid to complete are being conducted by marketing research firms who have been hire by businesses to conduct market research for one of their existing products or a new product they are currently developing.

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How To Get Money Paid Surveys?

What do I have to do to get money paid surveys?

You must complete the survey by answering all of the questions to get paid. You will not get paid for blank surveys, incomplete surveys or surveys where it is obvious that you just checked any response and didnít actually read the question.

Most companies require you to complete screener surveys which are used to build your demographic profile. Your demographic profile is used to determine which surveys you are eligible to take so it is to your advantage to take all of the screener surveys. Most screeners are not paid but many companies do enter you in a sweepstakes to get a prize which is either money or a gift.

Many of the companies use a mathematical algorithm to calculate a reliability score for its survey takers. The purpose of the score is to find the people who are most likely to respond quickly to invitations and take the time to provide thoughtful answers to the questions. The individuals with the highest reliability scores are usually the ones notified when the really high paying surveys become available. Why? The higher the quality of the survey answers, the better the market research companyís reputation is and the more work they get. More work equals more money for everyone.

How long does money paid surveys remain open?

That is determined by the survey designers. Survey uses statistical methods to extrapolate the responses of a sample group to be predictive of what the entire would say. There is a set percentage based on polynomial equations for every survey based on the size of the overall demographic group that determines how many responses are required for the information to be truly representative of the group.

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