Getting Paid for a Survey

Getting paid for a survey does not seem like a real opportunity does it? After all, why would anyone pay someone to sit at their computer and fill out surveys? But it is a very real opportunity for you to earn a second income and buy some of the things you want that you canít otherwise afford. The surveys that you get paid to complete are being conducted by marketing research firms who have been hire by businesses to conduct market research for one of their existing products or a new product they are currently developing.

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How To Get Paid for Online Surveys?

Before you try to get paid for online surveys, you need to understand what they involve.

What are online surveys?

Online surveys are a way for companies that are selling products and services to gather information from potential customers about the products or service they offer. Their primary purpose is to help the companyís managers make decisions about promotions, new features to add, what to emphasis in their ads, etc. In other, they want to know what their potential customers think is important.

What kind of questions do they ask?

They can ask anything from what your favorite color is to have often you shop at a specific store. For example: Do you drink coffee? What brand of coffee do you drink? Do you add sugar? Do you add milk? How many cups do you drink each day? Answering the questions helps the company see what customer preferences are but it can also help you to understand why you purchase the things you buy and it could help you decide to try other brands.

A survey about cell phones may ask who your carrier is and what kind of cell phone you have. It may also ask what you like about your phone and carrier as well as what you donít like. It may also ask what new features and applications you would like to have. For example AT&T has been heavily advertising that you can talk on the phone and surf the web at the same time. I guarantee that that was one of the desired features that were mentioned by a lot of consumers they surveyed.

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