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It is very simple to take a survey to get paid. First you need to have a computer and a reliable connection to the internet.

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Work at Home & Get Paid for Your Opinions

What do you need to do to get paid for your opinions? You can follow these steps:

  • Set up a free email account with yahoo, gmail or hotmail that you can use just for paid survey offers. Using a dedicated email account will help prevent spam on your regular account and let you keep on top of the survey offers you receive. Many of them only want a specific number of responders and when that number is reached they close the survey.

  • Do your homework. Many of the online paid survey websites are scams that will charge you money for useless information or, worse yet, steal your identity. Check out each website you are interested in using with the online Better Business Bureau or websites that report on scams.

  • Sign up with five to ten different online paid survey sites with your new email account. Each survey company is seeking a specific group of consumers to answer each survey. By signing up with several paid survey web sites including ours here at Paid-Surveys-at-Home.com, you can maximize your chances of getting offered more surveys to take. Taking more paid surveys means earning more money.

  • Check your survey email account several times a day. In the beginning, fill out every survey you are offered. Once you get the feel for it you can decide whether or not you want to take specific surveys.

  • Track what you are earning on each of the paid for your opinion survey sites. Then you can do a cost benefit analysis to determine which sites provide you with the most money in relation to the time you spent taking the surveys.

  • If your paid survey web sites have a paid referral program, tell all of your friends and family. You can earn a commission on some sites for the surveys other people who signed up under your link take.

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