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Have you seen the Microsoft Windows 7 television commercials? They portray ordinary people who provided information to Microsoft about the features they wanted in the new Windows operating system. That information was most likely collected by a marketing research firm hired do an online survey.

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How to Become a Paid Survey Worker?

Be a decision maker and make money for taking paid surveys! Earn a little extra cash for nothing more than expressions your opinions about what you like and dislike in consumer products and services. The manufactures have been paying people for years to tell them what they want in products they use, own or would like to own. The only difference today is that doing paid surveys online is faster, cheaper and can reach a much larger consumer pool. The larger the sample group, the more accurate the information is that they gather.

Most surveys are for recently launched products or products still in development. There are thousands of products being launched or in development at any given time especially since the manufacturer can be anywhere in the world. The global nature of the internet allows a product in development to be tailored to the specific preference of consumers from different cultures. That gives the manufacturer a definite advantage in the market place.

There are legitimate websites out there that offer paid survey lists and there are also scam websites. It is up to you to do the necessary research to find out which websites are legitimate. You can check the scam site reports or, in some countries, contact the Better Business Bureau equivalent to see if there have been any complaints.

Taking paid surveys online is an excellent way for homemakers, students, retired people and anyone else who wants to earn some extra money and share their opinions with the people who are creating the products they will be using tomorrow.

So if you want to have a say so in how tomorrow’s product are designed, join us at and become a paid survey worker and earn a little extra money as well. Get Started!