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Companies spend millions of dollars each year on marketing research to find out what products and services are most likely to be successful if they offer them for sale. One of the most popular methods of collecting consumer information is to use online surveys because online surveys are: Significantly cheaper than focus groups, mailings and telephone interviews Provide a wider demographic since the internet is worldwide Have a higher response rate because the consumer can complete the survey at their convenience Provide more accurate information since a much larger sample group size can be used How much can you get paid for taking surveys? That depends on several things such as whether or not you qualify for a survey, how many surveys you take and how much each survey pays.

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What is a Paid Survey?

A paid survey is the latest method for most companies to do market research for new products and products that are still in development. Manufactures want to know what potential customers think so that they can determine what features to build into a product and what are the best features to stress in their advertising campaign.

In the past, this information was gathered using mailed paper surveys, telephone surveys, stopping people in shopping center and malls and focus groups. All of these methods offered incentives for the consumer to take the time to answer the questions such as free products, discount coupons and cash.

Paid online surveys have several advantages over the other methods although all of them are still being used. Online paid surveys can provide the manufacturer with the following:

  • Considerably cheaper

  • Get a better response since the responder can answer the questions whenever it is convenient for them

  • A wider selection of people to survey

  • Easier to tabulate the results since they are already in an electronic format

How can you start getting paid for online paid surveys?

You will need to search for paid surveys in your favorite search engine. Then you need to visit the website and find out what they are offering. If you like what you read, register for the site’s service so you can start being offered paid online surveys. Fill out your demographic profile which is used to see if you qualify for specific surveys. Start taking the paid surveys when they are offered.

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