Money Paid Surveys

What do I have to do to get money paid surveys? You must complete the survey by answering all of the questions to get paid. You will not get paid for blank surveys, incomplete surveys or surveys where it is obvious that you just checked any response and didnít actually read the question.

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Paid Survey Scam Warnings to Consider

Before we discuss paid survey scams, letís look at how paid surveys work. It is a pretty simple process. First you sign up with a paid survey website and then fill out an extensive member profile that tells them what demographic groups you belong to and what your interests are.

Next you will get an email inviting you to take a survey that matches your profile. Most of the invitations will give you an estimate of the time the survey will take and how much is being paid for it. A typical survey takes between 15 and 20 minutes.

How do you get paid for taking surveys?

It depends on the company you are working for. Some of them pay in cash, others in points and some with sweepstakes or free products. Points can usually be redeemed for either gifts or cash in most cases. If you are looking for extra money, stick with the cash paying companies. An individual survey can pay anywhere from $1 to $50 per survey.

How do you recognize a paid survey scam?

While it can sometimes be very difficult to separate the paid survey scam websites from the legitimate companies, scam websites tend to:

  • Promise you a specific income

  • Are ambiguous about how you get paid

  • Ask for personal or specific financial information such as your PayPal password, social security number, etc.

  • Donít post a privacy policy, terms of use or an earnings disclaimer

  • Provide no contact information

  • Sell information to ďpartnersĒ and ďassociatesĒ, etc

If you suspect they might be a scam, they probably are. Donít do business with them. There are hundreds of legitimate websites like us here at
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