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Anyone who spends any amount of time on the internet sees all kinds of ads about paid surveys that want to know if you want to get paid for your opinion. I bet you have ignored most of them because you think they are total bull and probably some scam to rip off your identity or gain access to your financial records.

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Get Paid Promoting Paid Survey Sites

You can get paid to take online surveys at paid survey sites that are used for consumer product marketing research. That is a pretty neat way to make a little extra money to buy the things you normally could not afford. To become a paid online survey taker, you will need a computer, an internet connection, an email address and a desire to share your opinions with the people who manufacture the products you currently use and the one you will be using tomorrow.

There is also another way to make money with paid survey sites. Some of them offer referral fees, some of them have affiliate programs and some of them offer both referrals fees and an affiliate program.

A referral fee is a small amount of money that is paid to you for every individual that joins the website using your referral link. The amount of money can be as low as 50 cents for some free to join paid survey websites up to several dollars for some of the fee based paid survey websites. Referral fees are a onetime payment.

An affiliate program pays you a small commission each time anyone who signed up under your affiliate link completes a survey. It is usually only a small percentage. For example, if a survey pays $5 and the affiliate commission is 10%, you would 50 cents each time one of your signups tool a survey. If you had a hundred referrals who each took one $5 survey a month, you would make an additional $50 for basically doing nothing.

A few paid survey websites offer both a small referral fee and a small affiliate commission. This is just another way for you to make money from paid survey sites.

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