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Have you seen the Microsoft Windows 7 television commercials? They portray ordinary people who provided information to Microsoft about the features they wanted in the new Windows operating system. That information was most likely collected by a marketing research firm hired do an online survey.

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How Does Paid Surveys Taking Work?

Paid surveys taking is one way for you to make some extra money using your computer at home. This is a new opportunity that has become available since the internet has become available in almost every home in the world. Even people that donít have a home computer usually have internet access on their cell phone.

What is required to make money?

You need a computer with an internet connection and an email address. You could probably also use one of the newer cell phones like the iPod or Android phones for paid surveys taking. Next you need to sign up with one of the online paid surveys companies like us here at so you can get access to the survey companies.

After you sign up and filling out the member profile you will receive emails offering you surveys to take. Each email will tell you what the survey is about, approximately how long it will take and how much they are paying for completing the survey.

How many surveys will I get offered?

That depends on the information that you entered into your profile. The businesses that pay marketing research firms to conduct the surveys usually specify the exact demographic group that they want to know what their opinions and buying habits are. So, your eligibility to take a survey is determined by what you put in your profile.

How do you get paid?

Most paid survey companies pay you either with a paper check through postal mail or they deposit the money directly into you PayPal account.

How much can I earn?

That depends on how many surveys you complete and what each of them pay. You can definitely make a very nice part time income and some people can even earn a full time income. Get Started!