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Have you seen the Microsoft Windows 7 television commercials? They portray ordinary people who provided information to Microsoft about the features they wanted in the new Windows operating system. That information was most likely collected by a marketing research firm hired do an online survey.

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How to Get Paid for Taking Surveys

The idea of spending a few minutes talking an online survey and getting paid for it is a very attractive one indeed. Is it for real? Is it a scam or something in between? The answer is simply that some online survey opportunities are legitimate while others are scams and still others are just let people express their opinion about the products and services they use.

So where do you start?

Go to your favorite search engine and search for paid surveys. You will probably get thousands of results. Or, you can join us here at and get started immediately. We offer a thoroughly tested and researched list of paid survey sites.

Once you join the site you select you need to determine if they are paying actual cash money or paying points for taking surveys. Those paying cash money will ask for your PayPal account so they can pay you. Sites that pay you with points usually don't ask for any kind of financial information. There are also some sites that pay a combination of points and cash. These sites allow you to trade your points for either merchandise or actual cash.

Although most websites talk about getting rich taking surveys, the reality is that, unless you belong to a highly desired target group, you can make some extra money, at home, doing something that is very easy. If you are one of the lucky few who belong to a highly sought after target group, you might actually make a living.

Goods sites will have a lot of business clients that need people to provide them with marketing information so while you may not get rich, you can earn a steady income. Try it today.
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