Paid Surveys for Cash

Marketing research companies have been paying people to take part in paid surveys for cash and focus groups for almost as long as manufacturers have been creating and marketing products to the public. The simple fact is that gathering consumer information on their current products and services can determine what marketing methods will work best for existing products and help management decide whether a new product is worth spending the money needed to develop it.

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What is So Great About Getting Paid To Take Online Surveys?

There are several things that make getting paid to take online surveys great.

  • Anyone can do it.

  • Where else can most people get paid for their opinions?

  • You get to have a say so in how new products are developed and what features they will have

  • You can make extra money

  • You can work when and where you want to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Answering the questions, can help you decide what features you would really like to have in the products you currently use which will help you decide which brand to buy when you replace them.

So how does paid survey taking work?

It is simple. You go to the sign up page of our site and find out what we're offering to you. If you like what you read (and we're sure you would like), and then register with us. Next you will have to fill out a profile that determines what demographic fits you best. Most companies that pay survey takers only offer them to specific demographics so the information they gather is more accurate and useful. Once you are registered with most companies, you will be invited to take surveys if you fit the demographic they want.

How much can you get paid to take online surveys?

Surveys can pay anywhere from as little as $1 per survey to as much as $75 per survey. It usually is determined by the type of product and how specific the demographic required. For example if the company doing the survey was looking for left handed music teachers, they will pay more that a company who is looking for smart phone users. Why? Because there a millions of smart phone users and a much smaller number of left handed music teachers who are also registered online survey takers.
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