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You get paid taking surveys by completing the surveys that are offered to you. To get offered surveys you need to join a paid survey website and complete a detailed profile that will be used to determine if you qualify for a specific survey.

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Is it True that Some People Who Take Surveys Get Paid?

Yes, it is true that some people who take surveys get paid. It's a pretty sweet deal for both the businesses paying for the survey to be taken and the opinion panel members that get paid to take the survey. The company will save a lot on money by doing online and email surveys compared to doing them using postal mail, focus groups or telephone surveys. In addition, email and online surveys have a much higher response rate because people can complete them whenever they have the time.

There are a lot of legitimate marketing research companies that use email and online surveys to find out what features consumers want in new products. Sometimes they ask them directly and at other times they ask them what they don't like about a similar product. Then they take all of the information they gathered and develop a new product with the feature s the consumers asked for. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

For the survey taker, it is a chance to earn extra money doing something that is easy to do where you can work whenever you want to work. Besides being able to earn money, the survey taker is getting the opportunity to express their opinion and influence how new products are developed. I don't know about you, but I am a lot more likely to buy a product that has the features I asked for in a survey built into it.

How much money can you make?

That depends on you. The number of hours you are willing to work, whether or not you qualify for a specific survey, and how much the company is paying for the survey and others factors.

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