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  United States  

"Best paid surveys site yet you make lots of money every day all for just at home and filling out surveys ."

Derek Meyers
Chicago, IL

"Paid Surveys At home has helped me earn some extra money. Which has really helped a lot. I am proud to be apart of the team"

Joe Mayerski
Jackson, New Jersey

"I just started Paid surveys at Home and 5 minutes from entering my first survey i was getting pay for my time. It is worth the time spent and you don't need to leave the doors of you house."

Vimel Galan
New York, NY

"This site just opened a windoe of opportunity for me, i've been out of work for the past 3 weeks now,and it is really hard to fine time to work outside when your avialability is base on your kids school days.I can't afford to pay child care so i thought ,why not make money staying at home? I'm really glad that they have found me. I can do both jobs now! being a mom,wife and earning at the same time! More power!"

Catherine Reed
Waldorf, MD

"Although I just started, I am beyond excited to basically get paid for my opinion. With our economy its important to have other money-paying options beyond just working"

Jacqueline Heavner
Frederickburg, VA

"I am very happy to have found this work at home site! I am excited to get started - it was so easy! CJ Shifflette, W Chester, PA"

Carol Shifflette
West Chester, PA


Lawrence White
Sauk Village, Illinois

"I have been a stay at home mom for almost 14 years and I am so excited to be able to still stay home and make a living taking surveys on my own computer! It's so easy to get started and I plan to make enough money each week so that my husband can actuallly quit his second job!!! Thank you!"

Kim Durgala
Binghamton, NY

"I thought I would try this site, I just recently had to leave my job due to unforeseen circumstances. I tried this site and so far it has worked out very well and I am doing a lot of surveys."

Cherish Placencio
Lancaster, CA

"Since being laid off I have searched for something to do at home to avoid approximately 3 hours a day to commute. No more Metro delays! I get to work on time because I'm already here! With this program I know I will be making money from home in no time."

Nancy Cole
Woodbridge, VA

"I just signed up for Paid Surveys At Home today. Already I can see how much I am going to Love this site! It's so easy to use and I can tell it's an honest site and will be very profitable to me! Thanks Paid Surveys At Home!!"

Amy Smith
Roanoke , VA

"This site has been great! I don't have the security of a steady pay check as a writer so its a relief to be able to earn that extra cash!"

Alexandra Welliver
Boston, MA

"I have signed up for this Paid Surveys at home, and look forward to much income for doing their surveys."

Mattie Jacobs
Milan, Kansas

"I wanted something that i would be able to make extra money but still have free time to spend with kids and with the surveys at home i have all the extra money i needed and also the extra time."

Mycne Groce
Houston, TX


Holly Lucas
Union, MO

"I am a stay at home mom. one of my lil girls has recently had surgery and I cant really go back to work right now. And I was Nervous about getting into something I didnt know much about and there was alot of scams and rip offs out there. But Paid surveys at home is a really neat and fun way to make a Some Or alot of extra cash depending one how much time you have to spend taking surveys and such !! ITs Great!!!! IF you need the money...."

Amanda Brewer
Lacenter , KY

"Yes! This is real! I joined and started filing out surveys, and before you know it I was getting paid good money. As a single mom and full time student today I know this is worth!""

Rachel A Burgos
Collegedale, TN

"I was down to my last dollar. I have two kids and a husband who lost his job due to the fact he became very ill and we coldn't afford health care. This opportunity saved our life and kept us from being HOMELESS."

Dedrea Moore
East Cleveland, Ohio

"As a student i dont have time to work, so when i came across it was like a big relif off my shoulders because now i can use the money to not only buy the books i need but to also pay my school as well and have spending money for myself. I love it!!"

Tihara O"Brien
Randolph, MA

"I am always looking for ways to suppliment my income. This is the easiest thing I have ever done. I can't believe I am getting paid just to tell people what I think."

Keith Lawrence
St Pete, FL

"Paid Surveys at home earned me 100 - 500 dollars a day! I only work 2 hours a day (:"

Jamie Vande Hey
Yankton, SD


Nayeli Alcantara
Apt#407 Lahaina, HI

"I always thought it was difficult well it isnt it is so simple to make money this is my last stop i dont waste my time to fake websites anymore i really felt taking care of ..:)"

Marvi Atif
Brooklyn, NY

"This I very good website. I don't know yet how it works, but I got 15 dollars just for signing up for three surveys!!"

Bernadetta Kutkowska
Chicago, Illinois

"I am trying to find work at home so i can be with my family i need the income to pay my morgage and other bills this site is giving me tha chance"

Glendon Graceson
Schenectady, New York

"This has been such a great way for me to earn extra money. As a single mother every little bit counts."

Francena Sargent
Big Pine Key, FL

"This site is so great!!! I can't believe it actually works. At first i just thought it was another scam but later i found out it was the exact opposite. Thank you paid surveys at home."

Adam Martin
Fresno, CA

"Working from home is just the most wonderful way of earning money. It is not stressful and does not consist of working in the sun. You can be at home where you feel comfortable. It is a great opportunity and someone who has the chance should not miss it."

Ximena Ortega
San Luis, AZ

"I am currently searching for employment, and paid surveys at home is a great opportunity! I can make money and a decent income to still afford to pay my bills but also have a life and spend time with my kids at the same time!! Love it!"

Brenda Braithwaite
Arvada, CO

"This is the best program I've ever used. Now, I can do my taxes in half the time!"

Ridhi Joshi
Charlotte, NC

"I was just trying to make ends meet so I was looking for a reliable souce and i belive I've found it right here!"

Wilhelmina Burgher
Brooklyn, New York

"I started using this site recently and i just needed money for sports that i do. I wound up making more money than i was originallly going to but this is the best site for this kind of money. Its fast easy and efficient."

Evan Hargett
Spruce Pine, Alabama

"Finally, a vehicle for making some honest to goodness real money to make life easier and happier now that I don't have to pull my hair out budgeting every penny every day.Thanks for the rainbow in my sky."

Sylvia Rolle
Opa Locka, FL

"I have tried several on-line surveys, and none have paid me. I believe "Paid surveys at home "will be the one to pay me."

Jimmy Marshall
Athens, Alabama


Margie Janecka
Weimar, TX

"I have been out of work since November 2009 and unable to pay my debts. I tried many forms of make money at home and this is the best opportunity I seek. Try it and make money in the comfort of your home. It's good and easy!!!"

Shyleen Lopez
Bayamon, PR

"Thanks for the great info! It gave me more than just survey websites. I highly suggest to everyone!!!"

Alisha Reid
Mchenry, IL

"Hello I'm very please with this company I was so skeptical about working from home but the steps are simple as 123 if I were you I would take advantage of this opportunity to make easy money"

Lequia Williams
Ocala, FL

"I have went from the auto industry, then getting laid off, to restaurant work, and now I'm disabled. Since I have joined this site it has gave me a sense of stability and it's good money! Must join! Thank you!"

Shane Garrett
Roebuck, SC

"I was so excited when i discovered this ,i stayed up late telling all my family and friends the news."

Salvatore Politi
Las Vegas, NV

"Years ago I ws hurt in a diving mishap. Left me in a Electric Wheelechair. This isn't the problem. I could not find a job. Let alone getting there, ON time. Thease programs let me work around all of these problem's. ODQ11"

Donald Ingenthron
Lakewood, Co.

"I have tried many work at home ads. this is the first one that i haave gotten paid on so far. thank you."

Abe Wilson
San Diego, CA

"I needed an reliable income while looking into other areas of interest including volunteer work. This definitely fits into my time constraints."

Neill Witt
Carmel, IN

"I stay at home with my 2 kids.... After trying many other at home business's that didnt make me any money... I decided to give this website a try! Its a easy way to make money for my opinion"

Jessica Deel
Springfield, Ohio

"Speak up and spread your opinion it' fast and easy + you will get a good pay."

Donna Yanez
Houston, Texas

"It was really easy to sign up and I instantly started earning extra cash. Thanks so much for all the help."

Alicia Castleberry
Jacksonville, FL

"I love this site it is the best way to make money from home, while my friends are getting up eirly to go to work I'm going to the lake with my new boat."

Bryan Mattox
Macon, Georgia


Jamore Holland
Enfirld, Ct,

"I got laid of from my job of 11 years. Finding work has been difficult. Now I am able to earn money and stay home with my three year old. And it is only part time, just a few hours a few days a week!"

Brookean King
Castella, CA

"I was pleased to see how easy this process was. Somethings can be very complicated. This was all set up very professionally and easy to understand and follow. Thanks"

Beth Moyer
Birdsboro, PA

"I needed some income other then my ssi which as everyone knows is not much to live on and I came apon this program and I am greatful for with my health some days I can do alot and others I can do just a little and its fun and enjoyable too."

Leona Thomas
Denver, Colorado

"I am glad to be a part of this site imake alot aof money i am so happy.this made my living so easy now i can buy any thing i need i have good car i eat good i live good.making money was not that easy"

Arsalan Siddiqi
Tarzana, CA


Raul Jimenez
Boca Raton, FL

"I was really scared about joining paid at home because of scams. I have already taken a few surveys and have already seen my income coming into my pocket. I can't wait to start to do more."

Melissa Auhagen
Hamilton, Ohio

"Without this site I don't know where I'd be! With this economy it just made sense to come to!!!"

Caden Beard
Monroe, LA

"I am glad to be a paid member of this " PAID SURVEYS AT HOME " so I can have an additional income to pay my bills and buy my needs."

Melanio Trebajo
Burbank, CA

"I thought I'd never find a site that is true to their word. Paid-Surveys-At-Home really works! You will not make millions, but you will earn extra money, and may make more depending on what you put into it. I love it!"

Martia Faulkner
Rochester, NY

"I can't tell how long I have been researching 'how-to-make-money-online'. It always seemed like a scam or a dream. From time to time, I would find a small morsel of hope, maybe make a dollar or two, but nothing substantial. Then, as fate would have it, I came across this site. They not only promise to help you earn money, they show you how. And it works."

Dominick Mandley
Palm Bay, FL

"Great Site! Takes all the guess work out of seeking on-line survey companies. Follow the instructions and get paid!"

Heather Scull-Gomez
Bastrop, TX

"I am so excited to find you! I absolutely had to find a way to make income from home. Your comments and instructions are so clear and down to earth, it is like you take me by the hand and lead me through the process. I cannot wait to get going. Thanks so much!"

Ralph Priest
Tehachapi, California

"While in College I needed some extra cash, but after finding Paid Surveys I never worry about money. I can easily make hundreds of dollars by spending a couple minutes online. Its really fast and easy! Now I have more than enough money for college!"

Sierra Morris
Paola, KS


"Financial Freedom! That's been my goal since I quit my last job with an important corporation and believe me as a Senior Sales Specialist I was making really good money but now I'm getting what I really wanted in life -> My financial Freedom and this program is a huge step forward toward that goal."

Lenin Ceballos
Sherbrooke, Quebec

"I have alot of online programs to make money, but found none of them worked. Paid Surveys at Home is the best one I have found to date."

Jaswinder Singh
Calgary, Alberta

"What more could anyone else say this service allowed me to make the extra money needed to carry on day to day during these recent economic troubles and to actually get a little bit ahead and you can to. Thanks."

Steven Dykeman
Woodstock, Ontario

"Its true...for the comfort of your home any extra time you have you will make online money ...!!"

Paulo Zeymer
Toronto, ON

"I love this site! From the moment I joined, I was guided through every step and was assisted in making this money generating process easier. There are tons of surveys to choose from and success depends on you. Follow the easy steps outlined and you are sure to succeed! Thank you Paid Surveys At Home!"

Helene Papadolias
Laval, QC

"Instant access to so many survey websites plus so much more! Anything you could be interested in is available here! Best choice I ever made signing up! Better money than a part time job!!"

Amanda Raposo
Bradford, Ontario

"I have done some research on many other Paid Surveys and found this t to be one of the most rewarding. I have read all the data and must say that I like what I read. I hope that all that I read is true and hope to make some cash. Thank you"

Estelle White
Markham, Ontario

"This is a great way of making an extra income to pay of bills do what ever you chooses any who wonts to make money this is the one to used."

Carlin Joseph
Toronto, Ont

"I'm a stay at home mom. and i think this is a very good job and i am very happy with this aportunity, and i recomend this to everyone who would like to make money at home!"

Britta Sheppared
London, Ont

"Great way to make some extra part time income from the comfort of your own home. Work on your own schedule and be your own boss. Amazing!"

Magdalena Bzowski
Brantford, Ontario

"I am looking forward to getting started and earn extra money. It is fun doing surveys and doing extra work from home."

Kathy Sieopmann
Hamilton, Ontario


"Out of money almost out of home 1 computer start "work fome home" Make my dream come true"

Elsy Varpsved
Boden, Norrbotten

"This website have helped me a lot!! My "work-time" is 10 minutes each day and i have earned 200 dollars already at 2 weaks! Very good extra-money for a student like me!!"

Maria Jansson
Uppsala, Sweden

"This is just the best! To be able to work from everywhere in the whole world,at anytime and anywhere as long as you have a computer. Can it be better!?"

Lina Seger

"Great site - easy to use, up-to-date and a great way to supplement an average income."

Andreas Svensson
Grimsås, Västra Götaland

"What do you do with your free day when there is nothing to do ? I make money and have fun at the same time, a lot of money actually."

Jonas Rebenius
Stockholm, Solna

"I started using just a couple of hours ago and I've allready started making money. The Interface is so easy to use and the money just flows in to my bank account which undoubtly will be overflowed with money in a couple of weeks. Thank you very much paid-surveys-at-home!"

John Elmquist

"A really good site, easy money. I work full time with another, but this is a great way to increase the income."

Jimmy Ivarsson
Kungälv, Västragötalandslän

"At first I felt kind of skeptical, but this thing really works! Good Bye internet scams!:)"

Alexander Scott
Eskilstuna, Sormland


"I have just registered with this site and straight away I was making money! It doesnt get any better than this."

Brooke Coleman-Thomas
Morphett Vale, SA

"Just what you should be looking fuss no complicated signings. 5 out of 5 stars from me"

John Creasey
Adelaide, SA

"Your website is the worlds greatest site i have heard great things about and cant wait to see what is inside people have told me they have made great fortunes with you people i hope i can do the same thanks"

Siran Ndaira
Sydney, Nsw

"Having stumbled through surveys at times it is excellent to see such a well organized and information filled site as this ( Having all the tips and 'secrets' arranged in one place makes me very optimistic. (Seeing the reference to no typos even made me change the spelling of organised to the way it is spelled in the U.S) Thank you very much for this service."

Joan Winter
Camberwell, Victoria

"I have been out on a Station in QLD for 6 months and it makes your brain tired. Using Paid Surveys at Home I need to think it's making me feel motivated again"

Rachel Blessington
Blackwater, Qld

"I never dreamed i would be sitting in front of my computer filling in surveys and getting paid, i was very unsure at first and until i went into the site and joined up i have never looked back or felt cheated."

Jodie Batten
Mount Isa, Qld

"I was in desperate need of some cash before i went travelling, and this site gave me the opportunity to earn it easily and quick!"

Almona Patel
Perth, WA

"This is the first paid membership I have taken up and to be honest was hesitant, but the registration was easy, the information easy to understand and the rewards are almost immediate. The more time you can put towards the various surveys etc available on this site, the more money you can make. Finding time is finding money."

Allison Hodgen
Duncraig, WA



Wekey Ksoo
Jowai, Meghalaya

"Hi My name is carmel .... I recently Loast my job and i was thinking what to do for the earning bcoz even my husband is unemployed ... Then i got to know abt this site which is helping to make some money out of it......"

Carmel Nancy
Bangalore, Karnataka

"The word 'admire' is not for your site because you are full of admires but i want to says that "Good Goodwill Site" and Good Goodwill means u have all qualities... Very less fees and more opportunities are available in your site. So it's great wow and enjoy !!"

Devinder Singh Suri
Faridabad, Haryana

"Excellent site full of opportunities,Anybody can learn the secrets very easily.Thanks.Best of luck for your success. There is a scope for adding new name of paying sites for Indians."

Mr.Utpal Munshi

"Paid surveys site working on 'simplicity is the best' and no need more experience to start. Comfort, more options and good goodwill inside it."

Devinder Singh Suri
Faridabad, Haryana

"I'm am into various kinds of small businesses. However, my favorite past time remains writing. Yes, I write for any body and about anything. Once, while doing a writeup for a friend's blog on Online Paid Surveys, it struck me. If the idea is actually what they say it is, then why not try for myself. I got a mail form Paid Surveys At Home and I instantly registered. The best part is that you get to choose from various surveys that suit you. This ways, you provide the right info and get paid. The surveyor gets his/her survey wuestions answered and every one is a winner!!! Now, how neat is that?"

Soumya Pattanaik
Gurgaon, Haryana

"What a great site and members area!!! everything is so well organized and you get so much information.Just want to let you know what a great service you offer.Keep up the good work!!!!!!!"

Ajaz Ahmed Bhat
Srinagar, Jammu And Kashmir


"I took this fantastic oppertunity and I haven't regreted it at all! This is an easy way to make money and for a student like me it's very nice to have this possibility. In a short amount of time you can earn money in an easy way! I advice everyone to take this oppertunity, it's amazing!"

Elisabeth Moum
Korsvegen, Sør-Trønderlag

"Using only a few hours a week I get a much needed extra income. Very little effort, for great profit! Paid surveys at home, has a great list of surveys and it doesn't take long to get started. Excellent site!"

Morten Simonsen
Kragerø, Telemark

"This is the best membership I ever bought. I`ll make money every day with it!!! I`ll will give a recomended this for all people around the world."

Tormod Tommervik
Lier, Buskerud

"This is a good, thorough and excellent page. Recommendable to all who wants to earn some cash on the side. Join NOW!"

Juan Munoz Diaz
Bergen, Hordaland

"I have earned 10 dollars in mye first minutes. It's the quickest and easiest way to earn money."

Abdullah Karagoz
Hønefoss, Buskerud

"Heard a lot of great things about this site. Just started, and I hope it's going to work out for me to."

Berit Marie
Sunndalsã¸Ra, Mã¸Re Og Romsdal

  New Zealand  

"I am quite confident that I will make BIG BUCKS doind what i enjoy doing the me,,,its worth giving it a shot...."

Sunil Pai
Hastings, Hawkws Bay

"I am a stay at home single mum. i have been searching for so long to find a legitimate work online site that pays me. joining Paid Surveys at Home has been the best move ive made. i have not started yet but i know that im gonna make money for my family. watch me!"

Cande Maurirere
Teatatu South, Auckland, Auckland

"It a wonderful to have a paid survey where i can stay at home when i free to earn some extra cash it worth it as it goes by and ya the more survey i do i get more"

Shen Meng Lee
Mt Wellington, Auckland

"This is an awesome website i recovered my money jus in 1 hour i started. Its worth a try..."

Kunal Nagarkar

"Due to unexpected major surgery last year, I was forced to shut shop after 20 years. I decided not to feel sorry for myself, instead I swung the situation around to my benefit. I wasted 1000's of dollars and hours, and then I found paid surveys at home, Awesume as I found being in New Zealand wasted a lot of money joining other survey sites, To my amazement, this site will work for kiwis. Only question is can we refer it to others as I love it."

Maree Wells


"Hello I had just joined the paid-surveys-at-home but I believe it will benefit by joining the paid-surveys-at-home. easy job and the pays isa great. I hope many people will be interested and joined the paid-surveys-at-home thanks best regards"

Wit Mohammad Damai
Pekalongan , Jawa Tengah

"I thought i never had a chance to make money after I stayed at home and take care of my child. But then I found Paid Surveys at Home and be a member.. and I impressed with this website give a me big chances to raise money and save big income.Thanks to Paid Surveys for helping me work at home while taking care of her!!"

Mirah Muhamad
Bandung, West Java

"When I looked for an extra money, I found this site, paid-surveys-at-home. I joined... and wow.. it is wonderful. I only spend minutes in front of the computer, it is so easy and simple... and the wonderful thing is I really get paid."

Mustika Yuliastuti
Solo, Central Java


"This is a great website and if you wanna see lots of cash, this is the website where u will see"

Manivannan Manikavasagan
Singapore, Singapore

"This is a great way of making money.Just need to click your mouse and you'll be on your way to grow your wealth."

Muhammad Ashriq
Singapore, Singapore


"Nice to hear that there are paid online jobs for a mom like me.,hope that everything is true and correct.,i put my trust on you..thank you guys"

Nikki Elaine Pertubal
Baguio City, Benguet

"This is great!!! A source of income which you have more time for your family and your self enjoying your time!!!"

Marjorie Caringal
Manila, Philippines

  United Kingdom  

"This site is the ultimate opportunity for all those who want to make som extra money along with their studies. If you only determine some of your spare time each day and do the surveys, then your able to make a quite good amount of money in a month! Start from today!"

Afshin Alizadeh
Bournemouth, Charminister


"Hello..i just want to say thanks..your programm was worth every penny.after signing up with each of the companies in your ebook..just go online pick the surveys you want to answer,and start getting paid..if you are ready to finally start making money online this is the right sistem for you..let's make money guys!!"

Tamara Abai


"Wow! This is amazing I never realized that I could make this much money doing surveys. After just 6 weeks I have been able to give up my job and spend the time at home. My kids have there mom back again!"

Paula Davies
Cherngtalaya, Thalang, Phuket

  South Africa  

"I am 62 years of age and a retired woman. Before I retired, I worked as a clerk for 28 wonderful years at Arcelor Mittal Newcastle South Africa. I would like to improve my income, therefore I became a member to complete surveys ! Thanks and regards Johanna Geyer."

Johanna Geyer
Kranspoort, Mpumalanga, South Africa


"It is fascinating to answer to surveys .And I can speak for myself once I've been looking for an activity and this is the one ,I've always dreamed."

Dâmaso Ribeiro
Braga, N/A


"Working from home is the best choises now a day. So, Paid Survey at Home is the best and inovative company to choose to generate Income via Full time or Part time depend on your willingness. No harm!!!"

Bayrulasman Khamis
Puchong, Selangor


"Nobody believed me when I told them I was making money by answering surveys and get paid for it I am grateful for this opportunity to make money from home."

Monique Hendricks
Honduras, San Pedro Sula


"I have been using this site and getting extra money for christmas, its great and i am also saving up for a new car."

Julie Essery
Waterlooville, United Kingdom


"I have a friend that works with paid surveys at home satisfied.she resigned from her work and she works only with paid surveys at home thats why i desided to work with you!"

Elena Tyrinopoulou
Athens Greece


"This seems a very easy and pleasannt way for people at home to earn an extra few pounds ro to make a career out of it"

Stuart Pearce
Grimsby, Lincolnshire

  American Samoa  

"I've always wanted to make some extra cash online. Paid Survey at Home is now offering me this opportunity and i am going to take advantage of it and i know that I will makes lots of money with this system. Thanks Paid Survey!!"

Herman T Fuimaono
Pago Pago, AS